Burial Testimonials

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Hi! Honestly I wasnt sure this would work but since it was such a small cost compare to what we wanted for our house I thought to myself “Chris, why dont we give it a try..” I bought a statue from your site (really smooth by the way) and it arrived around one week later. My son buried the statue, the ground was frozen so he didnt dig deep, but did put some extra dirt above. Since I felt this was kind of weird I didnt want to stand in my yard and saying a prayer out loudly, but I did send him some extra thoughts when he was buried. Only three days later our realtor called and said that a pair that didnt were interested earlier had changed their mind and bought the house to our price! The realtor became really curious of St Joseph and ordered a couple of kits from you guys. You will probably receive his testimonials later on.

Thanks best wishes Eric with family
** Of course we took him with us to our new home


I had never heard about the potential good luck from burying a St Joseph statute. After a co-worker informed me I gave a St. Joseph statute to my daughter and son in law on a Saturday April 7th. Their… Read more.

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Bless St Joseph, my home is SOLD We buried a statue after that our house has been out on the market for almost 5months. After the burial took place more people came to take a look at our home. And only… Read more.

Our House was on the market for over 1 year without any offers. I purchased the St Joseph´s kit, followed the directions, recited the prayer and within 1 day, we had our first offer - 1 month later we… Read more.