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Do you need help to sell your house? We sell the St Joseph Home Selling Kit that has helped thousands and thousands of people before you, to sell their home. Buy a statue of Saint Joseph today and become one of many others who put their trust and faith to themselves and in St Joseph. Read under Testimonials how other people have succeeded with their sale with the help of a St Joseph statue.


I buried St. Joseph upside down in my front yard 6 months ago and my house hasn't sold yet but I am now able to get my husband's Social Security checks and can afford… Read more.

The st joseph statue is a blessing, this is the second time he sold my home. Im just happy so wanted to let you know. Thanks Ray in Missouri

The Saint joseph statue looked really good. Thank you, this was exaclty what I expected and I am a satisfied customer. Have a Great day John G

Hi! Honestly I wasnt sure this would work but since it was such a small cost compare to what we wanted for our house I thought to myself "Chris, why dont we give it a try.." I bought a statue from your… Read more.

One week after burying St. Joseph and imploring his help, I had an offer on my house that was five thousand dollars more than the asking price. Thank you St. Joseph for answering prayers. Violetta… Read more.

Buy Saint Joseph Statues - Sell your home

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    St Joseph Home Selling kit

    The Saint Joseph Home Selling Kit is a beautiful kit that makes a perfect gift to a friend who need help selling their Home.

    It is our most sold Home Sales Kit of St Joseph statues.  It is also the most common kit that Real Estate Agents are using to help their customers to make a fast and good deal for their property.  Complement your sale kit with the St. Joseph Worker Book. Including in the book you will get the full history behind and further instructions on how to bury the St Joseph statue.

    Also includes more prayers for your believe in Saint Joseph and your home sale.

    • Saint Joseph Home Sellers Kit includes:
    • One painted 4″ St. Joseph statue
    • Color Prayer Card
    • Burial Instructions
    Super Discount price! - $14.47 $12.47
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    St Joseph Home Sales Kit 4

    The St Joseph Home Sales Kit 4″ has helped thousands of people to sell their Home. Read the testimonials for some different stories from people who bought and buried a statue of Saint Joseph.

    Our most sold kit is St Joseph Home Selling Kit, a painted kit better for display after you have sold it, you find it here.

    If you want a statue that is better for display or as a gift, check out or most sold St Joseph Kit here, a perfect gift for you or a friend in need!

    “Ask, Believe, Trust”

    • St Joseph Home Sales Kit 4″ includes:
    • One 4″ statue of St. Joseph
    • An Introduction of St. Joseph
    • A Petition to St. Joseph
    • The Way of St. Joseph


    Super Discount price! - $12.97 $9.47
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    Statue of Saint Michael

    The St Michael statue Kit  is a  beautiful handmade painted statue to put in your house or as a gift to someone in need.

    The placement of the statue in your home will not influence the blessings or protection that is believed to come with having the statue in your home.However, it is advisable to purchase Saint Michael statues that blend well with your home décor. You can also place the statue in a conspicuous place such as a bookshelf, wall shelf or as your center piece.

    The St Michael statue is 4 inches and handpainted

    Super Discount price! - $18.97 $14.97
  • https://www.st-josephstatue.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Stjo-Booklet.jpg

    St Joseph the Worker Book

    Saint Joseph the Worker, Patron Saint of Carpenters.

    Inside this book you can read How to Bury the St Joseph statue, the History behind this old Tradition and also include to Saint Joseph.

    A well-written book about St Joseph and his life, and why thousands of people today bury a statue of him when they want to sell their home.

    This book is a perfect complement to
    Saint Joseph Home Selling Kit



  • https://www.st-josephstatue.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/St-Jude.jpg

    Saint Jude Statue

    Saint Jude also known as the Helper of the Hopeless is the Patron Saint of desperate causes. He was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Today people turn to him and ask for his blessing when they don’t know what else to do.

    The St Jude statue is best placed in a good spot in the house facing inwards the room. Pray to him and ask for his blessing when you are in need of help.

    The statues are really good painted in nice colours and made of ceramic, a really nice complement to your home.
    Find out more about St Jude here.