Here you find helpful links that will take you to other pages where you can read about Saint Joseph or other Saints. Have in mind since they lived a long time ago, the stories can vary some and we do not in any way guarantee the truth on the pages we link to. They are just there to give you an idea of what other people believe in and to find good folklores that has travelled hundreds of years. This page will provide you with a long and good read from others that put their faith in the Saints.

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Miracles of Saint Joseph

Read about the Miracles of St Joseph.

CNN writes about the Home Sales

Read what CNN has to say about the Home Sales in the United States.


Real Estate News

News and information about whats going on in the real estate market.


How much is your Home worth?

Check out how much your home is worth.


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After years of trying to sell a vacant lot I owned with no luck I came across a number of articles about the St. Joseph statue to sell homes. I purchased one in November 2016 and buried it next to the… Read more.

This worked for me a couple of years ago when I bought and planted a statue of Saint Joseph in my garden. Now I have ordered the blue selling kit to my brother and his… Read more.

I knew my statue had to come from you! We never even had time to bury him. I bought the statue the day we found out my husband´s company would be transferring him. We… Read more.

I just wanted to say that in 2008 I was selling my house as I was getting married and moving to my new husband's house, but didn't think my house would sell since houses in my neighborhood had been for… Read more.

I was doing some research on St. Joseph and decided to order the home kit. Our home had been on the market 2 weeks with a few showings. The night i buried St. Joseph my family thought I was nuts. In… Read more.