House for sale?

Welcome to your own home selling saints homepage. Saint Joseph was Jesus earthly father and the husband to the Virgin Mary. The tradition to bury a St Joseph statue, and pray for his blessing, when you are trying to sell your house goes back to the 1500th century. Read the whole story at History of Saint Joseph. St JosephStatue offers you the solution that you need. Please take a look around on our homepage and read some of the testimonials from people who had faith in themselves and in Saint Joseph.



Q:  What is the shipping time?

A:  The shipping time is usually 4-10 business days, but you can also choose extra fast shipping, 1-2 days.

Q: How come it says “No shipping address” on my PayPal receipt?

A: Because the information you write on our site doesn´t show on PayPal but we still have it, otherwise we contact you to confirm the address.

Q: I don’t know where my order is, I´ve been waiting for more than 7 days now.

A: If you chosed regular shipping method the order doesn´t come with a tracking number. If you are worried that there is anything wrong with your shipment please send us an Email from contact us and we will track it for you.

Q: Do you guarantee that I will sell my house if I buy a Saint Joseph statue?

A: We do not in any way guarantee that your home will be sold in any particular timeframe after you have buried your statue. The only thing we can guarantee is that thousands and thousands before you have put their faith in St Joseph to sell their houses, and many claim that he has helped.
It’s Important that you have faith in yourself and in Saint Joseph, and follow the instructions.

Q: Where can I find more information about the different statues and what they do on your site?

A: If you go to the page “Buy St. Joseph Statue” you can see all the different statues and books we offer. Press the button “Product Details” to read more about each product and what they do.

Q: How can I pay for the Statue? And is it Safe?

A: Our checkout process is totally secured with PayPal Payments System.
It is the safest, easiest way to pay without exposing your credit card or bank account number.
You have 100% protection from unauthorized payments.
PayPal has 24/7 monitoring to help prevent frauds.


I buried St. Joseph upside down in my front yard 6 months ago and my house hasn't sold yet but I am now able to get my husband's Social Security checks and can afford… Read more.

The st joseph statue is a blessing, this is the second time he sold my home. Im just happy so wanted to let you know. Thanks Ray in Missouri

The Saint joseph statue looked really good. Thank you, this was exaclty what I expected and I am a satisfied customer. Have a Great day John G

Hi! Honestly I wasnt sure this would work but since it was such a small cost compare to what we wanted for our house I thought to myself "Chris, why dont we give it a try.." I bought a statue from your… Read more.

One week after burying St. Joseph and imploring his help, I had an offer on my house that was five thousand dollars more than the asking price. Thank you St. Joseph for answering prayers. Violetta… Read more.