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Always losing things? Pray to St Anthony to help you find lost items

Do you have a problem with losing items around your home? Lots of people are frustrated all the time at losing small household object, important papers, toys, games, clothing and other items that seems to just disappear. If you are constantly losing items that you can never find having a statue of St. Anthony in your home and praying to St. Anthony of Padua might help you find all those lost items. St. Anthony of Padua is a much loved Catholic saint that is said to help people locate all of their lost items if they ask for help.

It’s a Catholic tradition to pray to St. Anthony of Padua for the return of lost items, no matter how big or small. So whether you’re looking for your wallet with lots of money in it or your child’s favorite bear praying to St. Anthony can help. You might even have prayed to St. Anthony in the past to help you find items that you had lost. Lots of Catholic children are taught to pray to St. Anthony to help them find items that have been lost, but St. Anthony can do more than help you find items that you have lost, he can also help find people or bring people that you love that have been gone for a long time back home.

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items but he is also the patron saint of travelers and lost people, so if you are waiting for a loved one to return home from military service, or a long business trip, or to come home after a long absence of any kind then keeping a statue of St. Anthony in the house and offering prayers each day can help bring your loved ones home safely and quickly.  If someone that you love is heading off for a military deployment, or going on an overseas journey, or even going to college in another state you can give your loved one a blessed medal or statue of St. Anthony to take with them and pray that St. Anthony will bring your loved one back home safe.

St. Anthony of Padua was born in Portugal and lived during the early 1200s. He came from a rich family in Portugal. Because his family was wealthy he was very well educated.  His family wanted him to be a nobleman and to continue the family name and standing but he was called very early to God and he chose to become a Franciscan monk instead.  He was sent to Morocco to do missionary work and intended to stay in Morocco but he became seriously ill and was sent instead to Padua, where he became known as a very eloquent speaker.

Because of speaking ability and education St. Anthony become a very popular local leader in Padua.  The local people trusted him and he was loved by everyone.  Legends say that when St. Anthony died the entire city mourned him and children cried for days.

St. Anthony of Padua is one of the most beloved of all Catholic saints.  Thousands of Catholics keep statues and medals of St. Anthony in their homes and pray to St. Anthony whenever they have lost something. The most common prayer used to ask for St. Anthony’s help with finding a lost object is:” St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around; something is lost and cannot be found.”

Even if you’re not Catholic St. Anthony can help you find lost items or help bring your loved ones back to you.  Try it for yourself and see. Place a statue of St. Anthony somewhere prominent in your home and ask St. Anthony each day to help you find a lost item or to bring your loved ones home safely and chances are good that you will quickly find the item or that you will hear from your loved one.

Heidi T Wolfang


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