About us

About Us

Who are we

Our company offers religious statues to persons who believe in the power of faith and God. People of the Christian faith have for long called upon the help of Saint Joseph, Jesus earthly father, to help sell their homes or other real estate. The most common practice for this is to bury a statue of St Joseph in the garden of the house to be sold.
Our mission is to help people of faith sell their houses, with some help from the markets best real estate agent – St Joseph

What we do

We offer different kinds of statues, from the common
St Joseph Kit to different home protections kits, like Saint Michael and Saint Jude. We also supply information on the traditions of different Saints.

We ship statues worldwide and hope to bring joy and faith to many believers out there. Sell your house with faith and some help from Saint Joseph.

Our mission

Our mission is to help all believers to sell their houses. With Saint Joseph buried in the garden you will be sure not to have overlooked one of the most commonly used traditions of selling your house fast, easy and to the right pricing. Read other peoples Testimonials and see how others has done before you with great success.


I buried St. Joseph upside down in my front yard 6 months ago and my house hasn't sold yet but I am now able to get my husband's Social Security checks and can afford… Read more.

The st joseph statue is a blessing, this is the second time he sold my home. Im just happy so wanted to let you know. Thanks Ray in Missouri

The Saint joseph statue looked really good. Thank you, this was exaclty what I expected and I am a satisfied customer. Have a Great day John G

Hi! Honestly I wasnt sure this would work but since it was such a small cost compare to what we wanted for our house I thought to myself "Chris, why dont we give it a try.." I bought a statue from your… Read more.

One week after burying St. Joseph and imploring his help, I had an offer on my house that was five thousand dollars more than the asking price. Thank you St. Joseph for answering prayers. Violetta… Read more.