Ways to bury the statue

Over the time there has been many difference ways of where and how to dig a hole for St Joseph.
To understand why you bury a statue of St. Joseph please read more in our section "History of Saint Joseph"

Below on this page you can read some of the most commonly used methods on how to bury statues of Saint Joseph in order to Sell your House faster. You can also read more about St Joseph statues on our index page  
Picture on the statue of Saint Joseph that buries in the ground.

How to bury Saint Joseph statues

For sale sign with st joseph
St Joseph
is mostly common
buried upside down facing the house. Some say that this tradition goes back from what is called the "degradation of the saints". At that time the tradition was that you threatened the saints by burying them and with that saying to the saints  "I will keep you with your head down in the dirt until you sell my house for me".
Now days, the tradition to bury a statue of St Joseph is still the same, but it's not very common to threaten him, instead we pray to his good will and pray that he will help us with a fast, smooth and profitable sale.

You can read more about this tradition and different ways people tend to it in the articles section. Also read testimonials from people who have already bought, buried and sold their house with Faith and St Joseph.

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St Joseph statue - Burial instructions

• Bury the statue in the yard in the front of the house. Favorable spots are either close to the "For Sale" sign or close to the road.

• Bury the statue upsidedown, facing the house.

• Pray to Saint Joseph when you are burying him and keep praying until the house is sold.

• But the most important part is to have faith all the time, in yourself, in your Sale and in Saint Joseph.

• After your house is sold take him with you to your new home and put him in a place of honor.

• If you live in a condo, bury the statue of St Joseph in a pot.