Burial Testimonials

Bury Saint Joseph testimonials are a great way to learn from others who have had faith in the Saint and asked him for his divine help in times of trouble. These are testimonials from people who bought a statue, followed the instructions and sold their house.
We asked all buyers to kindly get back to us with their St Joseph testimonials right after they closed the deal and then we put most of them here.

We now also have a Facebook page, where people can write testimonials or ask questions. Take a look here:
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Picture of a sold property with the help of Saint Joseph.

St Joseph Testimonials

"I ordered the statue for a friend who is trying to sell his house. My wife and I used one of your statues to sell our house which was on the  market for months. After burying your statue in our front yard we had an offer in less than a week. thanks!!" top
"First let me say that I'm an Atheist and the last person to believe in
superstition. Our house was on the market and had 44 showings in 6 weeks.
Not one single offer. My wife heard about this from a co-worker and we
thought it would be funny to give it a try. After we buried St. Joseph, in
less than 24 hours, we received an offer. We are now under contract and just
finished inspection. True story.

I now feel totally obligated to share this story and hope good fortune on
all that give it a try...

DN from Denver, CO" top
" Hi, I ordered a statue Kit 3 weeks ago, it arrived after only 2 days! The house was sold 4 days later, but honestly I didnt have time to bury the statue, but it seems to work anyway :) Best Regards" top
"St Joseph helped us sell our home!! It really worked!! We've had our house for sale for 2 years, I heard about the St Joseph Statue - buried the statue and had an offer that same week!! Thank You So Very Much :)
Jodi Buzick  " top
"Hi St joseph I got a new job and have to move quickly. I was a bit afraid that I would have problems selling my house, and that it would take my focus away from my new employment. I requested a bit under what the broker said I could get for the house to get it sold quickly. But to make sure I also buried a Stjo, and the house went! Hurray TH" top
"Thanks St Joseph I buried the statue and sold my house in 3 weeks and no hassle. Perfect! Thanks PA" top
"The Kit arrived in time, third time we use Saint Joseph. Im not sure if you can "reuse" him? This time I am selling my own condo, hopefully it will work for a condo.. I read on your site that you can place him in a pot, I believe in him since he has not proved me wrong the first two times. 
Veronica Gadger" top
"My dad loves his statue, and is just waiting for the snow to melt so he can put it in the ground! Thank you so much for the fast delivery! God Bless!
Lindsey Savalla" top
" "Success" 2 weeks after the burial took place. E. Nedson
 " top
"Hi Stjo Thank you for your beautiful statue. It helped me alot to fockus my faith on the statue, and now I have a good looking statue on my kitchen shelf :) Thanks Jane" top