Burial Testimonials

Bury Saint Joseph testimonials are a great way to learn from others who have had faith in the Saint and asked him for his divine help in times of trouble. These are testimonials from people who bought a statue, followed the instructions and sold their house.
We asked all buyers to kindly get back to us with their St Joseph testimonials right after they closed the deal and then we put most of them here.

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Picture of a sold property with the help of Saint Joseph.

St Joseph Testimonials

"We buried the statue upside down outside our back door and in less than one week we had an offer and are now under contract. This is the third time we´ve had sucess with the St Joseph Home Sales Kit! And this time it worked faster than usual even in the slow market here in FL.
Louise, Florida" top
"We buried St. Joseph 2 weeks prior to putting our home on the market. We were under contract within 5 days and closed the following month.

Thank you St. Joseph

Colorado" top
"I knew my statue had to come from you! We never even had time to bury him. I bought the statue the day we found out my husband´s company would be transferring him. We had been through it one time before 2 yrs ago and spent months apart with 3 small children.

I started my prayers while we prepared our home. We put our house on the market last Wednesday and I was waiting for the For Sale sign to go up before burying the statue but it never happened. We had 3 showings on Thursday and left to find a new home in CA on Friday. While there we got an offer on Saturday for a 2 week close and our family gets to stay togheter this holiday season. I know I have you and St. Joseph to thank.

With my most sincere appreciation,
Angelica Artiaga  " top
"We sold our home the very same day we buried St. Joseph statue.
Robert Cipolla
Maryland" top
"Our house has been on the market for over a year...not one request for a
showing. granted the price was too high initially, but we dropped it to an
appropriate price 5 months ago - still no action.
I ordered The St. Joseph Home Sales kit Aug arrived a few days later. I
said several prayers and placed him in the front yard, upside down, facing the
Nothing happened for a week or two - then we had two requests for showings!!! The
second showing ended up buying our house WOW!! The offer wasn't great, but basically
in the range of what things are going for in this horrible market.
I have no doubt that St. Joseph made it happen. Now I need to go back and take him
out of the ground so we can put him in a place of honor, and keep thanking him for
helping us.
Thank you St. Joseph!!!!!! /Judy" top
We put our home on the market and were becoming anxious when we had not
sold it and were moving into our new home within a month.  We purchased St. Joseph,
buried him in our front yard near the for sale sign, kept our home clean and had
faith.  We got an offer on our home within a week and ended up closing on both homes
within 3 days of each other. 

We dug St. Joseph up during our last visit at the home we sold, kissed him, thanked
him and brought him to our new home where he is resting comfortably. /J" top
"After having our home on the market for 10 months with plenty of showings
and no offers,  I decided to order a St. Joseph statue. I ordered on a Thursday, we
had a showing on Friday! I received the statue on the following Thursday and buried
it along with a heartfelt prayer that night. The next day we got a solid offer!
Thank you St. Joseph! Our statue will get a place of honor in our new home! M/W" top
"I, an Italian faith filled Catholic,  bought a statue for my not very religious in laws whose house had been on the market for 60+ days with little activity.  FOUR hours after they buried the statue they recieved a call from the broker that they would be receiving an offer.  It came through and they sold the house.  Thank you, St Joseph!" top
"My mother passed away April 2010 we have had her house on the market since July of 2010.  It had been over a year and if it didn't get sold this summer it was going to sit for another year.  Even though I live in Hawaii and the home is in California I had to give St. Joseph a try.  We had nothing to loose and being Catholic I believe in petitioning the help of patron saints.  I had a picture of our home and put it in a pot and buried St. Joseph in front of the picture. Prayed and a week later we had an offer above the price we were asking.  We did lower the price but that was the only offer we received. They are a lovely young family and are very excited to buy our home. We are happy to have a nice family join the neighborhood.  We are currently in escrow and should be closing in two weeks. I also promised to make a donation  to our local homeless shelter when it closes. /GE" top
" My husband burried a St. Joseph statue when our last home was put up for
sale.  I thought it was completely ridiculous. After several months with lots of
showings and no offers, I found this website, read the testimonials, and became a
believer.  I also learned the "right" way to burry the statue.  We re-burried it on
Thursday, had a call on Friday that someone wanted to take a look on Sunday.  He
made an offer of Monday.  Best of all...his name was Joseph!  Our St. Joseph statue
has been in a place of honor in our current home for the last three years.  He will
be burried yet again today as we put our current house up for sale.  Then, he'll
make the trip with us to our new home." top