Burial Testimonials

Bury Saint Joseph testimonials are a great way to learn from others who have had faith in the Saint and asked him for his divine help in times of trouble. These are testimonials from people who bought a statue, followed the instructions and sold their house.
We asked all buyers to kindly get back to us with their St Joseph testimonials right after they closed the deal and then we put most of them here.

We now also have a Facebook page, where people can write testimonials or ask questions. Take a look here:
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Picture of a sold property with the help of Saint Joseph.

St Joseph Testimonials

"We bought a statue only because my brother told me he heard it worked. We read all the prayers that we found under prayers and in the burial instructions. We then sold our home the day after we buried the statue of St Joseph upside down facing the house in front of our house.
Today he is standing on a good spot that you see right away after you open the door to our new home.
Good thing we bought the nice painted statue..
Joe and family" top
"My grandma told me about this tradition. She said her mom and dad did it for like 100 years ago or something. I just bought the statue - I hope it works.
Elizabeth" top
"Thank you Saint Joseph, you really did bless my sale
Erin" top
" Can´t honestly believed it was thanks to St Joseph that we just sold our house. But since we did buy and buried a statue of him I do feel we owe you a testimonial.
My family and I have had our house on the market for over a year now. We are not neither Catholic nor Christians but one day for around 1 month ago we came across this old tradition. It was a close friend to my wife that told us about this "thing". Now off course we all had a laugh about it at first, would in his right mind would bury a plastic statue of a saint and then *poff* got their house sold.
But like everything else we got a little bit curious and also nothing happened with hour sale, so we bought the nice painted little statue of St Joseph. Our kids enjoyed the weird thing we did since they laughed at us when I told the prayers in the backyard while my wife buried the statue.
Now to the thing Im not sure I do believe... 3 days ago (5 days after the burial) we got an offer that was really close to what we wanted. 
Now we are about to move in to a new house at the beach and even to I still aren’t sure if it has anything to do with St Joseph we will dig him up and place him in our new home :)

Leonard with family
" top
"Finaly a agent with a decent cost! -B" top
"I have had so much trouble trying to sell my home, the mortages is killing me and I have trouble sleeping.... So I was so happy when I got this statue sent to me from my sister, she sent it to me with such a nice letter! I buried it today and I will pray every day, I dont know if its going to help yet, but this have given me new hope and strength. Thank you sister, you are the best. - Daisy" top
Thank you for your help with my questions.

We bought the Home Sellers Kit and worker book in April. After we received it it took only 12 Days before we got our best offer ever. We read all the prayers in the book, and we really wished for something like this to happen. Sincerely Thomas and Katy" top
"Thank you for the best Homepage on earth! Will recommend you to all my friends. We sold the House only 1 week after the burial took place. Also prayed every night! Reece" top
" Thank you so much. This saved us alot of trouble and work. I´m so grateful! Sincerely
Nancy T.
" top
"Hello, you asked so kindly to write and tell if everything went down well. And last week we sold the house to a really good price. Finally we can relax after so long time with this...
Thank you St Joseph  - We buried a statue of him 2 weeks ago, and hes blessings really saved us.
Regards Tim and Loiey" top