Burial Testimonials

Bury Saint Joseph testimonials are a great way to learn from others who have had faith in the Saint and asked him for his divine help in times of trouble. These are testimonials from people who bought a statue, followed the instructions and sold their house.
We asked all buyers to kindly get back to us with their St Joseph testimonials right after they closed the deal and then we put most of them here.

We now also have a Facebook page, where people can write testimonials or ask questions. Take a look here:
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Picture of a sold property with the help of Saint Joseph.

St Joseph Testimonials

"Hello, you asked so kindly to write and tell if everything went down well. And last week we sold the house to a really good price. Finally we can relax after so long time with this...
Thank you St Joseph  - We buried a statue of him 2 weeks ago, and hes blessings really saved us.
Regards Tim and Loiey" top
"OMG.... =)
Still dont believe it, but Thanks Saint Joseph, it really works!
George Hallaman  " top
"Thank you very much St Joseph

We got our small house up on the market for nearly a year. My friend told me about this tradition and that she had heard it really works. Since we been waiting and waiting for something to happen we could almost try anything. And since it was'nt much money we bought the Home Selling Kit and buried the statue upside down facing the house just in front of the "sale" sign.

Guess what! Now we got our contract and we will off course dig up the Statue and place him in our new home above the new fireplace.

 " top
"It really works!
I bought a statue for me and a statue for my mother that also had her house up on the market. I bought a pair Saint Joseph home sales kit for $9.99 and thought that for that small amount why dont give this a try.
I read an article about this tradition for some time ago, I´m not catolic or a strong beliver, but I do belive in miracles.
Anyhow, we both buried the staute exaclty like on the instructions, and like I wrote - I do belive in miracles and this was close to one! My house got sold 4 days after the burial and my moms only 2 weeks later. This was some time ago and both me and my mom got our statues now standing at a good spot in our new houses.
Kitty Walker" top
"Hello St-Joseph
I bought your St Joseph Kit and the Prayer book for 3 weeks ago and was off course a little suspicious but since it wasn’t so much money I thought “Hey why not…”
and Guess WHAT
For 3 days ago I signed the papers and sold my House. Don’t know if it is a coincidence but I just wanted to tell you like you asked.
Hug Maria
" top
When I was researching the internet for some homepages where I could list my House if came across this site. Never heard of anything like this before but I read the history behind and some of the testimonials. Since it was a good price I bought that St Joseph home selling kit and got it after only 4 days. I buried the statue close to my “For Sale” sign in front of my house. 3 days after the statue was buried a nice couple come and looked at my home. Last night the called me and said they wanted the house! A real smooth sale thanks to St Joseph.

" top
"Sold my home yesterday, I have been praying to St Joseph for the last couple of weeks.

" top
"Bless Saint Joseph and his houseselling hands. My wife buried one of your statues in our garden while I read some of the prayers that were in the book. And finally our small house is sold!" top
"Just Sold my house with some help from Saint Joseph. Thank you!" top
"Finaly a agent with a decent cost that you can count on!" top